Arrest These Merry Gentlemen Newsletter #7–111419

Dear C-MENT Families:


We need your help! We have only received two cast bios so far (of 38)! Please email your child’s cast bio to Yesha Proctor by this Saturday, Nov. 16 for the program (indicate your child(ren)’s name in the subject line). Please note that bios need to be less than 80 words to fit the program’s format. In addition to the bio, please include a brief note of encouragement to your child(ren) which will also be included in the program as a special surprise for each cast member. Please check last week’s newsletter for the PDF with some bio/encouragement note samples to help you write your own.


Please make sure your child has all their costume pieces as explained at the parent meeting earlier this month. Let me (Betty) know if you have any questions. For those who were not at the last parent meeting, a copy of the costume letter was emailed last week. Please note the following information from the letter:

  • Please remember to bring clear tote/container on 12/9 to contain shoes, spare stuff, hair, and makeup, clearly labeled with the actor’s name.
  • Keep the costume “base clothes” at home until 12/9, the first dress rehearsal.

IMPORTANT: THERE IS NO SAT. REHEARSAL on Thanksgiving weekend, Sat., Nov. 30.
Enjoy your four-day Thanksgiving Weekend!


Show invites for you to personally deliver will be handed out and emailed next week. We have found that a personal invitation from you is the best way to build audience attendance! Thanks for your help!


Please go over lines with your child as it is important now for the performers to have all the lines memorized so we can work on characterizations.

Thanks again for your support and dedication to the C-MENT ministry. We are so proud of our cast!

In His Name,

Betty King, C-MENT Director

Sat. 11/16 Music Review 9:00-9:45 am All Cast
    Dance Review 9:45-10:30 am All Cast
    Break (Please bring own water/snack) 10:30-10:45 am All Cast
    Run Show Run Show 10:45 am-12 pm All Cast
Tues. 11/19 Blocking ACT II, Sc. 2 5:30-6:30 pm All Cast
    Music Share the News 6:00-6:30 pm  
    Prayer Time   6:00-6:30 pm Bible Leaders
    Bible Study #6   6:30-7:00 pm All Cast
    Dance/Blocking Share the News 7:00-8:00 pm All Cast