Arrest These Merry Gentlemen Newsletter #5–103119

Dear C-MENT Families:

Our season continues to go well as we’re into the fifth week of rehearsals. Thanks to everyone for their dedication and effort.


Please be aware that there is NO rehearsal this Saturday, Nov. 2nd!! Enjoy your weekend!


Our next Parent Meeting is Tuesday, November 5 in the Fellowship Hall. Please come early before picking up your child and attend the Parent Meeting from 7:40-8:00 pm. We will cover important information about Tech Week and performance needs.


Want to rid your house of Halloween candy? Starting next week through Thanksgiving, please bring in any leftover Halloween candy to rehearsal to be packaged and sold as candygrams during performances. Thanks so much!


You will receive a costume form soon for your review. Please note which items you will be responsible to provide. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE COSTUME PARADE IS NOV. 9TH FROM 12:30 TO 1:30. This is the time when we have the cast try on their costumes so we can see how everything looks on and alongside each other.


It is important for the children to continue to get lots of rest, eat well and drink lots of fluids to stay healthy during these hectic holiday times. And be sure to remind your kids to wash their hands often! Let’s pray for continued health for all. 


Now’s the time to start talking to your family and friends about the show! We will provide you with invite cards and evites in the next few weeks to help you get the word out! With the busy holiday season coming, it’s good to encourage everyone to plan to attend.


A representative from each family is respectfully requested to stay to strike the show at the conclusion of closing night (Sat., Dec. 14), so please make sure this date is in your calendar. Many helpers make the strike go quickly. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Thanks again for your support and dedication to the C-MENT ministry. We are here to ignite the light of Christ in our cast and audiences!!

In His Name,

Betty King, C-MENT Director

Sat. 11/2   No Rehearsal    
Tues. 11/5 Blocking ACT I, Sc. 6; End of ACT I 5:30-6:00 pm Named Leads
    Music No Fear 6:00-6:30 pm All Cast
    Prayer Time   6:00-6:30 pm Bible Leaders
    Bible Study #4   6:30-7:00 pm All Cast
    Dance No Fear 7:00-8:00 pm All Cast
    Meeting PARENT MEETING 7:40-8:00pm All Parents