Cinderella Final Newsletter 062419


Dear C-MENT Families:

PERFORMANCES:  All of your hard work paid off…the shows were amazing, excellent and fun! Our cast gave outstanding performances. Adele and I and the C-MENT Board are so proud of the cast and crew! Great job to everyone!


Please turn in your Committee reports with your committee expense totals as soon as possible to our treasurer, Kimberly Lynch so that she can complete our show report and close out the books. Thanks for your help with this!


Our show was professionally recorded by Cypress Productions on Friday night. Pre-order your copy this week (through Friday, 6/28) for only $15! After Friday, the cost will be $20 per DVD. The DVDs will be ready for pick-up at PLC by the end of July!

REIMBURSEMENT FORMS:  If you need reimbursement for monies spent, please turn in your receipts at your earliest convenience to PLC. Click here to find a downloadable reimbursement request form. Please turn in the form and receipts to the PLC office (ask the staff to put in Adele’s mailbox for approval). Note:  Adele will be on vacation July 1-13. You can also scan the form and receipts and email them to her. All reimbursement requests must be turned in no later than Monday, July 29 for processing before the end of our fiscal year.


Please be sure to check out the link at the end of this newsletter from Pam Davis, our talented photographer who donates her time and gorgeous photographs of our cast and production to C-MENT each season. You will see instructions from her about how to download the photos in high resolution. Enjoy!

THANKS:  All of us on the directorial team and the C-MENT Advisory Board want to express our heartfelt thanks for each and every one of you! The support of parents was so helpful, and the dedication of the kids was incredible. We can never thank you enough for your generosity of spirit, giving of your time, supporting the fundraisers, giving to the offering and for your generous directors’ gifts! You are the heart of C-MENT and what will keep C-MENT going long into the future with God’s help. We are also thankful to PLC and the staff for their unending support:  spiritually, financially and personally.

THANKS BE TO GOD:   We thank God for the many blessings showered upon this production and on the cast and crew.  And, most of all, we thank HIM for the gift of Jesus.  May each of you and yours enjoy a healthy and safe summer! We look forward to starting our Christmas production of “Arrest These Merry Gentlemen” in September! All of our youngers are invited to participate!

In His Name, Betty King, C-MENT Director

Photo Download Info from Pam Davis

Thank you for asking me to photograph the Cast Head Shots and Group portraits – it’s always an honor and pleasure to serve.  I’d love to share my portraits with everyone.

Here’s how to see the portraits and download for free:

1.      Visit my website:  CLICK HERE

2.      Then Click the gallery called “PLC Cment Summer, 2017″

To save a portrait to your computer, just click the purple “Download” button located under each portrait- it will save in high resolution – ready to print or share on Facebook, etc.

While you are visiting my website, I invite you to click around!    I specialize in outdoor portraits from all over beautiful Southern California- from the mountains to the beach and from the park to your own backyard. I photograph Children, High School Seniors, Weddings,  Acting Portfolio Head Shots, Families, Maternity, Newborns and Engagements as well as Events like this one. 

Blessings and joy, Pam
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