Godspell Costume Update 060514

Hi Families!

We are really excited about all the progress that is being made at rehearsals. It is hard to believe it’s already June!

The costume team has been busy planning costumes for our show and will be meeting with each cast member over the next week or so to fit and check costumes. For Godspell we need everyone to have a base costume which will be layered with other costume pieces through the show.

We are asking all ensemble cast members to wear a basic black outfit and would like to check these outfits on Saturday. This consists of black pants or leggings, black shoes, black socks or tights and a black shirt. Ladies have the option of a black tank top, as long is it is not spaghetti straps, and no bra straps show. Men should not wear tank tops.

Please bring this on Saturday to be checked. If you do not have something, before you go buy it, please check with us on Saturday as we may have items in our inventory that will work for you.

Leads will have their costume fittings Tuesday.

There will be other costume notes to come, but wanted to give you some time to get Saturday’s outfit together.

Thanks for your cooperation!

The Costume team
Sarah Gibson

Premier Designs Jewelry Consultant



Janet Pitcher