How C-MENT Works


C-MENT is a ministry of Peñasquitos Lutheran Church. However, participants are not required to be members of the church. There will be no attempt to make any cast member/family feel that their personal or religious beliefs are inappropriate unless it compromises or interferes with the C-MENT ministry’s principles or operation.

C-MENT relies on the coordinated efforts of many people, both paid and volunteer. It’s truly a working partnership between C-MENT staff, cast members/families and ultimately the audiences. The desired result is enriching experiences for all involved!

All students who wish to audition will be cast in appropriate speaking/non-speaking roles. Technical/production duties are also available for students who prefer not to perform on stage.

Age Groups

C-MENT casts range from second grade through high school, but varies with each production. A specific age group is announced along with the audition call for each season’s production.

Schedules and Productions

There are normally two productions per year. A calendar with exact dates is posted and kept updated on this website as the productions progress.

The general scheduling cycle is:
  • Summer Season: Sign-ups begin in April; performances are in late June.
  • Fall Season: Sign-ups begin in September; performances are in early December.
For each production:
  • Weekly rehearsals are usually on Tuesday evenings; sometimes additional rehearsals are held, generally on Saturday mornings.
  • Thirty minutes of each rehearsal is dedicated to a Bible study that relates to the show’s theme.
  • A cast party is usually held on the day of the final performance.
What’s expected of children
  • Good attendance, punctuality
  • An attitude of respect toward church, God and others
  • Courteous behavior at all times
  • A desire to learn, share, and serve God
What’s expected of parents
  • Each child’s parents are expected to volunteer for three volunteer “points” per production. There are many different opportunities, ranging from helping with intermission concessions to building sets. Coordinating positions normally count for three points. Volunteer sign-ups begin just prior to auditions and are offered online following the meeting on
  • At the end of each production, each family is expected to assist with the striking of show sets and clean up.
What it costs

Normally the fall season tuition per student is $100, regardless of the number of participating cast members per family. The summer production tuition per student is $125. As the average cost per student is at least 30-40% higher, tuition helps cover some of our costs such as set, props and costuming. This also includes a cast t-shirt for every student and a rehearsal cd for every family.

We do not wish C-MENT to be a financial burden for families. Scholarship applications are available and can be easily downloaded from this site. Families who can afford to do so might even consider funding a child in addition to their own.