It All Happened… Final Newsletter 121718

It All Happened in the Country

C-MENT Newsletter End of Show

December 13, 2018

Dear C-MENT Families:

PERFORMANCES:  The shows were great and the children had outstanding performances. All the hard work paid off and Adele and I along with the C-MENT Advisory Board are so proud of the cast and crew! Great job to everyone on a fun and fantastic show!

THANKS:  Adele and I and the Advisory Board express our heartfelt thanks for each and every one of you! The support of parents was amazing and the dedication of the kids was incredible. We can never thank you enough for your generosity of spirit and supporting C-MENT with your “time, talents and treasures.” You are the heart of C-MENT and are what will keep this ministry going for another 25 years with God’s help. We are also thankful to PLC for their unending support.

COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS:  Please turn in your Committee reports with your committee expense totals as soon as possible to Kimberly Lynch so that she can complete our show report and close out the books. Thank you!

DVDS AVAILABLE:  The performance on Friday evening was recorded by Cypress Productions. Don’t forget to order your copy! The cost will be $20.00 through this Wednesday, 12/19 and $25.00 through 12/24.

PHOTO LINKSWe are so grateful to our amazingly talented PLC photographers, Pam Davis and Erika Thornes for their beautiful formal and candid shots of the cast and crew in this production. If you would like to download any of the photos they have taken, they are graciously offering them to you at no cost for your enjoyment!

Pam Davis:  Savoring the Sweet Life Photography  Click the purple “Download” button beneath the photos you would like to save (this will give you the highest quality resolution).

Erika Thornes Photography Click the little downward arrow in the far right corner of the page.

REIMBURSEMENT FORMS:  If you need reimbursement for monies spent, please turn in your receipts with the signed reimbursement form as soon as possible. Please turn them into the church office for Adele so that she can approve and submit them for payment. This form can also be downloaded from the C-MENT website.

THANKS TO THE PRODUCTION CREW:  A special thanks goes to Bruce Bergman for helping train Aaron Polzin and Finn Proctor on the new sound board and ensuring that children’s voices were heard clearly through the microphones. Our crew techies also did an amazing job on lighting; thanks so much to Alexander Wall, Noah Rogers, Alex Mest and Colin Alsop.

THANKS BE TO GODWe thank God for the many blessings showered upon this production and on the cast and crew. And, most of all, we thank HIM for the gift of Jesus. May each of you and yours enjoy a Blessed and Merry Christmas!!

In His Name,

Betty King, C-MENT Director